Mac Photo Recovery: Know How to Recover iPhoto Library

Photos are the best way to share our past memories, it alive all our past joyful moment in present. Further, to add an enhance your way and to add an extra features, Mac iPhoto library came into play. It is a program developed by Apple Corporation, which provides various advance features for its users. Further, by using it, one can easily be edit, import, share and organize their precious moments in a well organized way. Wait thats not the end, by using this very application, you also able to write your captured images on CDs and other portable devices. Apart from all these, iPhoto library also provide the facility to keep all your stored data safe and secure. But due to some reasons, it might got corrupted and as a result all your stored files become unresponsive.

Common Scenario Behind Corruption of iPhoto Library

  • Improper handling
  • Selecting wrong delete option
  • Faulty file system
  • Problem with header part
  • Malware attack
  • Synchronization problem

How to Repair iPhoto Library?

When every thing gone against your will, then Mac  photo recovery software came for your rescue. Its reliable scanning algorithm perform throughout scanning of your entire hard drive data and provide you with the list of corrupted or deleted files. Apart from that, it also works well in case of video and audio files. So, no matter what so every may be the reasons or what the file format got corrupted, Mac photo recovery software will repair all of them. Apart from that, the tool also resolve the compatibility issue. Thus, try it and easily recover iPhoto library files.

Complete Recovery Guide:

Step 1: Download and install Mac photo recovery software.

Step 2: Select the drive from which the stored iPhoto library got deleted or corrupted.


Step 3: Hit the scan now button.

Step 4: After the completion of scanning process the tool will show you a list of all recovered files.

Step 5: Now, select the path where you want to save the recovered files.

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